Two new autumn blocks

Trying to get back into the groove with my autumn quilt, I’m pleased to have finished two new blocks. The first I started in November before my ‘much less orange’ rule (downgraded from ‘no orange’ on realising it’s virtually impossible with autumn fabrics) but it got put to one side while I finished Christmas projects. The second comes after reviewing the whole quilt.

I put in an earlier post that I’d laid out everything so far and photographed it, and decided there was too much orange. I put it on my screensaver on my work computer and occasionally stared at it and picked out a couple of blocks that the quilt would be improved by not having. On a slightly depressing weekend, because it involved thinking and no productivity, I took these out, pinned together some of the best ones, and hung them from the wardrobe so I could stare at it and decide what blocks would improve it.


Of the ones not included, some may go back in, but others I want to take apart and see if I can do anything with the pieces. Quite disappointing, but it’s called learning the hard way!

Red fox and other woodland animals


This is the latest block, using a new ‘woodland animals’ fabric I got on e-bay, with three of my three favourite blenders almost all I have left of the dark orange leafy one which is now discontinued (another e-bay purchase I haven’t seen anywhere since). I actually finished this over a week ago, but between concentrating on the pink quilt, doing no patchwork at all at the weekend, and having a sudden surge of enthusiasm for my cable knit jumper and cross stitch cushion cover, I find I’ve backed off this project a bit. Ironically, now autumn is starting to kick in I’m keen to get on with the jumper, which is in a natural brown undyed wool, meaning the autumn quilt is being neglected! But they say a change is as good as a rest, and I’m going to get back on the case tonight and choose fabrics for the next block. It’ll be nice once autumn starts to feel more properly like autumn, instead of having darker evenings and mornings, overcast skies and falling leaves, but a horrible hot humidity that means I’m still in sleeveless tops and wishing for some air. Soon, soon…

Majestic stag and lots of autumn leaves

IMGP0783I love the centre fabric here, with the woodland animals, it’s just a shame the light colour is white rather than cream, though you can’t tell too much on a piece like this. As usual, I spent ages working out the best combination! A rare opportunity to take a photo in natural light outdoors, to give a better idea of the colours. Not one of my better-finished pieces, and top-left inner corner piece is stretched quite a bit out of shape, whoops. I’m hoping its not too obvious once quilted.

This one took me a fortnight partly because in the evenings/weekends I was busy with sewing machine, working on the pink quilt. About which more later!

Another plain(ish) block, lighter colours


Another attempt to make a plainer block, starting with the cream fabric which has flecks of orange and greenish-brown in it. I thought the other three blended nicely with it and that the dark green with orange leaves would be the stand-out colour, though I’m now wondering if the pattern of smaller leaves on a pale background is more striking than I thought. I’ll place this block with the others to see how it looks. Really rushed to get this one finished, so I could get more time to do cross stitch and possibly knitting this weekend, though it’s going to be a busy one so I’m not sure that I’ll get much done at all. I’ll go slower next week, getting some momentum going is fun, but rushing too much makes it a bit less enjoyable. In my head, I’d like to be able to wear the jumper I’m knitting this winter, and would love to see the cross stitch cushion cover I’ve been working on on-and-off for years eventually finished, ideally also by the winter, but I’m probably being very over-optimistic!


Block 15

Thanks to an extra-busy week and weekend I’m behind-hand with my aim to finish a block a week this week. I’m not sure when that became an aim, though! The people who set me off doing quilting would tell me off because it’s supposed to be a relaxing hobby! This is another one using some of my favourite fabrics (the leaves and berries in the middle, the stripey one, and the one with the brown background). I’m pleased I managed to incorporate some brown and green fabrics, to make it compatible with some of the other blocks I’ve made. Also pleased to have incorporated one which I bought online and feared I’d never use, as viewed as a whole piece it looks a bit too much like camouflage but with a particularly lime shade of light green (the small patterned triangles in the flying geese). I don’t know how much more of it I’ll use, but at least it’s in there!IMGP0376

Autumn leaves and pumpkins (and foxes)

Well, it’s a bit eye-poppingly bright, but you can’t miss what season it’s meant to represent! (Except for the sunflowers, maybe). Had to get the foxes in somewhere. I liked the fabric when I saw it online but didn’t realise how citrussy the background is. Given how much of a mish-mash the whole thing is, what’s a bit of bright green foxy fabric in the scheme of things, anyway?IMGP0337

Harvest Mouse

IMGP0318I love the ‘barley mouse’ fabric I used for the centre square and in the middle of each side of the outer edge of the block, it’s really cute! Because it’s got orange/brown autumn leaves on it too (seen on the outside edge) it blends well with some of my other fabrics, and it’s good to get purples and oranges in one block to tone with some of the others. I also like the rosehips on it too, very seasonal. I’m glad I bough half a metre and not just a fat quarter.