It took a while, but Paddington has a new jumper. His red felt coat was eaten by moths in our last-flat-but-one, which shows you how long it took for me to make something to replace it with. One of his felt foot pads was eaten too, and I replaced that after a couple of months of it being held together with a safety pin, but the jumper took longer. Of course I couldn’t replace his foot properly, not having been trained in bear surgery, which is why that pad’s smaller than the original on the other foot.

Shame I haven’t the ability to make a small bear sized duffle coat, and oddly enough it’s not something there’s a pattern for, but his long jumper’s not a bad replacement. Even if the sleeves are a bit long, they’ll keep his paws warm! I used a 4-ply wool I happened to have, left over from making little snowman Christmas tree decorations.

I made it up as I went along, and didn’t make notes so am pretty sure the dimensions of front and back aren’t quite the same, nor are the tops of the sleeves, but it fits and it’s got a neck, so on the whole it’s not bad – and at least he looks decent now!

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