Noro drop-neck top

I finished the top I was making from Noro sock yarn, after pulling out and redoing the shaping after I got my workings-out wrong.

This is the shaping done correctly:


I still love the colours but to be honest the top isn’t great to wear.


The length and fit are fine but underneath where the neck drops there is a bulge which on looking more closely at the photo in the book I can see on the model wearing it, so it isn’t that I got it wrong, but it’s a bit awkward and unwieldy. Worse, the top has a habit of riding up on the shoulders towards the neck so I have to keep pulling it down at the shoulders to make it look nice.

I’ve worn it a couple of times since this photo was taken and now the bottom is curling up! Also the sleeves edges turn inwards and as you can see on this photo stick out strangely, a bit like a triangle. The edges were done on a circular needle and I wonder if I did it too tightly. No amount of steam ironing is making it better. Maybe once I’ve washed it and iron it while damp it will work but I don’t hold out much hope, I’ve yet to have a jumper that curls up at the base go right again.


I’ve started work on a Rowan jumper, in Hemp Tweed, which is coming on quickly because it’s a chunky-ish yarn (4.5 mm needles) and only has detailing at rib and neck. I’ve done the back and am about a quarter of the way up the front so should be able to wear it this season.

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