And there was wailing, and gnashing of teeth….

No, I haven’t gone all Old Testament on you, my knitting has gone wrong! This Noro pattern is for a drop-neck, short-sleeved, top made of sock yarn. It’s done on two sets of circular needles, one for the front and one for the back, but not done in the round until front and back are nearly finished and then it goes round when you join the shoulders (I think). The back’s done and I thought the front was almost finished, despite my misunderstanding of the use of stitch markers. It said to place stitch markers at two points on the first row, stocking stitch straight for 35 cms, then do increases at the stitch markers. Like a muppet I hadn’t realised you’re meant to move up the stitch markers as you go, but I worked out I could count the number of stitches from each end where the increase would go and all would be fine – 39 from the beginning of the row, 40 from the end. It was, but then you had to increase one stitch at the beginning and end of each alternate row. Also fine, but my calculations went out and I thought I’d worked out that as I was doing four increases per row, that meant I had to count two extra at the beginning and end of each row when calculating where the drop-neck increases should be placed, i.e. that that the first alternate row would be 41 from the beginning and 42 from the end; the next one 43 from the beginning and 44 from the end, and so on. I did all 30 rows like that until it came to quitting the increases at the start and finish of each row and keeping going with the neck shaping, then I realised, after about 10 rows and when I could see the zig-zaggy lines I’d created, that I’d got it wrong. I should have only counted one extra stitch to the stitch marker. Out it all comes!!! And I had so wanted to finish this so I could move onto the next project that I wanted to have done by winter. So, there is wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Metaphorically, at least.

Where I veered off, which in my ignorance was how I thought the pattern was intended to be
You can just see the little triangle at the top where I started counting properly once the edge increases had finished

The garment before pulling out down to the first pale purple line from the top