A new block and some new projects started

It’s been a busy few weeks, particularly with work to the allotment, but the week before last I was lucky to have a nice peaceful week staying with my parents back in Northumberland, and managed to get this block finished. I like the design, autumnal but quite cheerful, and managing not to use too many fabrics!


The second shot shows the true colour of the fabrics better but the frames of the windowpanes put half of it in shadow!


I’m struggling a bit with the lack of space in new flat for cutting and planning, with circular table pushed up against a wall with no windows, but am going to have to get used to it. I do have a new block planned and am working on it. I think this is block no 42 or 43, probably of 60 (I may scale down from an earlier thought that it should be 80, but theis remains to be seen). The Moda ‘Pumpkin Pie’ fabric in some of the flying geese in the inner square, has been repurposed from an earlier block that went wrong so it was harder to get them to be as neat as I’d like, but I keep thinking you won’t notice too much once it’s quilted (one day!).

At home, I resumed the attack on my first-ever sock, for which I need maternal help. If you’d seen me frowning, muttering, and trying to concentrate with my tongue sticking out lick a three year old you’d get the picture. This is a project I’ve taken home with me for I think the last 3 visits but not got beyond the cuff. This time I got more into my stride and finished the straight bit, Mum had to rearrange the stitches in place for the heel flap, but that’s it for now until I can find the online instructions on how to continue with the heel, picking up stitches down each side of the flap, apparently! When I’m feeling strong I’ll see if I can do it.


As usual, doesn’t bear too much close scrutiny, I don’t know what happened here…


… but I can’t foresee a circumstance in which, when I’m wearing it, anyone will have their face that close to my ankle!

(The plural ‘projects’ in the title refers to a top I’ve started knitting, for another post when I’ve taken photos, or maybe even finished it. It’s lightweight but for spring, I think, one would have to be mad to wear wool in weather like today’s in London, even if the top does have short sleeves!)

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