First ever lap quilt completed (at last!)

I’ve finished the machine-stitched lap quilt I’d been making for my aunt, and have handed it over, said goodbye to my labour of love! (These pictures are poor, the light was low, so it looks over-exposed). I experienced lots of difficulties getting to grips with using the sewing machine, particularly with using a walking foot, and the sheer bulk of material to feed through the machine, but it’s been a learning experience. I’m not sure I’d do it any better again, but am willing to give it a go when I get round to paying for a better quality quilting foot, but that’s not going to be for a while yet (no large-scale quilting to do yet anyway). It’s also true that all the errors which seem like a big deal at the time, and when looked at close-up, aren’t so important in the scheme of the finished product, and when it’s given as a gift and not designed for minute inspection by a quilter’s guild (perish the thought!). I’ve learned that the green squares make the pinks sing out more rather than just blending into an amorphus pink blob: a lesson I wish I’d learned earlier with regards to the autumn quilt I’ll be going back to in the New Year. Also, with this project I had my first shots at needle turn applique, which got better as I went on and which I’d like to try again. Most importantly, my aunt, to my relief, was really, really pleased with it, and appreciated the time that had gone into it, and was more interested in looking at the different patterns of the fabrics than spotting where my lines had gone wonky or the stitches were different lengths – bless her! What I need to do now is learn from that lesson, so enjoy it more and worry less when it isn’t perfect… well, I can try!

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