Variations on a theme of cream

As ever, pleased with my order from ‘Laughing Hedgehogs’. I needed more of the brown and the cream with leaves, but while I was there and paying only one lot of postage I thought I’d get the blue, not for any project currently in my mind, but just because I liked it. They offer free P&P if you spend more than £10, so I got the cream with green and red with Christmas in mind, as it matches some other modern Christmas fabrics I’ve got, and then I thought the cream with brown leaves might go either with my current project or failing that, with the hexagon paper piecing.

I want the outside part of my current block to be cream, but it’s so hard to get the right shade! They’re often too pale, and stand out too much when you put them against the other colours, but that’s really hard to tell when you’re looking at a fabric in isolation, or online. I’m thikning of using the new cream+brown fabric in latest block, but will have to lay pieces alongside each other when I get home tonight.

Looking at a photo of all my blocks laid out, I’m beginning to think I will need sashing after all, perhaps in the cream + green and brown leaves fabric on the top left in the photo, although I’m wondering about doing it in strips shading down from pale to dark (suspect I couldn’t do it and it would make an already over-busy design even more messy, though). A pain because that’ll double the work of sewing together the blocks – and it would prove husband right! – but I have only myself to blame for making such uncoordinated blocks and hoping it would all come right at the end. At least (for now) that fabric’s available, unlike some of the discontinued fabrics I’ve used!

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