Another plain(ish) block, lighter colours


Another attempt to make a plainer block, starting with the cream fabric which has flecks of orange and greenish-brown in it. I thought the other three blended nicely with it and that the dark green with orange leaves would be the stand-out colour, though I’m now wondering if the pattern of smaller leaves on a pale background is more striking than I thought. I’ll place this block with the others to see how it looks. Really rushed to get this one finished, so I could get more time to do cross stitch and possibly knitting this weekend, though it’s going to be a busy one so I’m not sure that I’ll get much done at all. I’ll go slower next week, getting some momentum going is fun, but rushing too much makes it a bit less enjoyable. In my head, I’d like to be able to wear the jumper I’m knitting this winter, and would love to see the cross stitch cushion cover I’ve been working on on-and-off for years eventually finished, ideally also by the winter, but I’m probably being very over-optimistic!


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