New block, simpler colours

I’ve just finished this block, in an attempt to make more blocks in plainer colours which will make the patterned ones stand out more. In theory! Had to go shopping (again. I could now stock a fabric shop), but the shop I went to didn’t have many colours I liked. I was looking for creams but most looked pale lemony yellow, which wasn’t what I was after. I got a few but felt I probably wouldn’t use them, then spotted the nice dark one in the centre here. It matches the burgundy and green and cream, but without being a solid colour which I thought would be too much. I like the end result, but when I it out alongside some of the other blocks I felt it stood out more than the others! I suppose this is because all the more patterned blocks are too patterned, so the fabrics have blended into each other from a distance, though not so much when you look closely. Also, it’s getting really very orange! I did get more creamy-coloured fabrics online which I think are better, so I’ll try out some combinations with those. This week I chose colours at the weekend, took a photo, and cut the pieces, then made up the block during the week, and this worked well so I’ll do the same this coming week. Finishing it last night gave me the opportunity to make my first steps in paper piecing, about which more later (I’d best start work now!)

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