New fabrics

New fabric bought at the quilting show – most for autumn quilt, but a few for a spring quilt that’s on my radar as a ‘to do one day’ project and for which I’m collecting pretty fabrics in pinks and greens when I see them (trouble is my enthusiasm for fabrics will have me collecting too many different patterns again); also a Christmassy one of course! I love Christmas fabrics but don’t actually have any plans for them. For the current quilt, I wasn’t sure about the birds when I bought them (it was on a 5 fat quarters for £10 stand) but I’m using a square as the centrepiece of the latest block and now love it. Cutting it carefully so as not to have a headless bird though! I saw that some of the fabrics are heritage ones, recreations of old fabrics from the US, one labelled as a 19th-century one (I think the darkest green one you can see here). They’re lovely and I wonder if the bird one is one of them. I can’t really identify it, and wonder if it’s an American species? The pinecones are a bit whacky (you can’t really see, but there’s a gold thread in it) and a brighter green than anything else I’ve got so will be hard to match up, but I’ll get it in there somewhere!

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