Autumn owl


I think this may be the most autumnal of my autumn quilt blocks! Don’t know where this long Bank Holiday weekend has gone, though, I’d been working on this through the week and actually thought I’d finish this one and have another one done by the end of the weekend… always over-optimistic about what I can achieve.

Flying to America tomorrow for a few days (work, but with two days holiday added in to take advantage of someone else paying for my flight) and am only taking hand luggage, so no needles and pins on board and hence no patchwork for a week at least. But BA does let you take crochet hooks on board these days, so I’ve got a book of ‘100 snowflakes to crochet’, and hope that despite having done barely any crochet to date, just one edging on a bolero last year, I’ll have made one or two Christmas tree decorations by the time I get back to Heathrow. Fingers crossed!


New favourite (block 7)

Bird 2This is my new favourite block (after the first one I did for this quilt), I’m pleased with the colours and having the bird, pine cones, berries and acorns, so feel it fits in well with my autumn theme (it took me ages to come up with putting in the red patches, but I think they really make it). I don’t think it fits well with the other blocks I’ve done, and only one of the colours I’ve used here has been used on any of the previous blocks, but I’ll make more and hope they somehow fit together in the end.  I think now I could have made the whole quilt in these colours, but too late now! And the key elements weren’t for sale when I first started looking for fabrics. I’m struggling to put together colours for the other blocks now, maybe I’ve given myself too many to choose from!

New fabrics

New fabric bought at the quilting show – most for autumn quilt, but a few for a spring quilt that’s on my radar as a ‘to do one day’ project and for which I’m collecting pretty fabrics in pinks and greens when I see them (trouble is my enthusiasm for fabrics will have me collecting too many different patterns again); also a Christmassy one of course! I love Christmas fabrics but don’t actually have any plans for them. For the current quilt, I wasn’t sure about the birds when I bought them (it was on a 5 fat quarters for £10 stand) but I’m using a square as the centrepiece of the latest block and now love it. Cutting it carefully so as not to have a headless bird though! I saw that some of the fabrics are heritage ones, recreations of old fabrics from the US, one labelled as a 19th-century one (I think the darkest green one you can see here). They’re lovely and I wonder if the bird one is one of them. I can’t really identify it, and wonder if it’s an American species? The pinecones are a bit whacky (you can’t really see, but there’s a gold thread in it) and a brighter green than anything else I’ve got so will be hard to match up, but I’ll get it in there somewhere!

Block 6

I wanted to use the fabric with the slightly crazy chillies, sunflowers, apples &c, and ended up deciding the others I had that went best with it were the yellow leaves and the plain burgundy – result, really pretty bright! I took a photo of all 6 together, though that’s not necessarily how I’ll place them once I’ve made more blocks, and they’re looking way too busy… one to make your eyes cross! I’m going to discipline myself to make some plainer ones now. Though the latest I’ve started, with lovely new shades of green bought from the show on Saturday, starts off quite subdued (i.e. tasteful) then gets a bit too eccentric again the more pieces I add. So the next one will be more subdued…. honest!