Hedgehogs and other animals

IMGP0088I like the colours on this one, and spent ages arranging the animals so you could see as much of them as possible (and so that two badgers weren’t  right next to each other, etc)! Shame about the headless fox, but at least you get to see his bushy tail. Really hadn’t noticed the pinwheel effect of the dark and light triangles until after I’d put it all together, but that’s okay. Less good is that the points of those triangles don’t line up with each other, so when this block is sewn to another one some points won’t go to the edge of the block, but it can’t be helped now. I hadn’t noticed that at all until I saw the photo: I’d like to think it’s because the block wasn’t on a flat surface when I took the photo, but I doubt it – it’s  too obvious that it’s always the light ones are further from the edge than the darker ones, presumably an error in cutting. Ah well, as husband keeps reminding me, it’s home made so doesn’t have to be perfect!


Finished another block yesterday, with some funky owls on, but being dark when I get home in the evening and leave in the morning, couldn’t get a decent shot even with the ceiling light on full and the flash, so I’ll try and post a better picture at the weekend. Maybe some of these patches don’t work so well together because they seem to blend in, but no matter! The orange in it works quite well next to the rather bright orange block I made, though, so at least I know I can put them together when the day eventually comes when I put all the blocks together.IMGP0074

New block!

Block no. 3: IMGP0058

Quite pleased with this one, it’s just a shame about the headless animals! I did cut the pieces in what I thought was such a way that the animals would come out centre, but they didn’t. Except the woodpecker, phew. The badger could just be looking round the corner. The trouble is that cutting the pieces that way wastes a lot of fabric.

Still working out what to do to put the blocks together so that there’s something connecting them; now I’ve got three I’ll stare at them and hope for inspiration.