At it again…

More lovely new fabric! (I know, I shouldn’t). Decided I need more chocolate-y brown colours, particularly as my cunning thrifty plan of spending 50p on a brown pillowcase from a charity shop hasn’t worked because when I cut it it stretched so much I couldn’t get a decent square out it, so did an e-bay search and found this. Really pleased with it, leaves are a nice size and pretty colours which will match with lots of the others I have, and it was only £3.50 for half a yard (with free postage)! I’m planning to use it on the outside corners of the current block, but will have to place it alongside the other colours first to see what it looks like. The seller popped in a 25×25 cm square of another fabric too, which is sweet of them though I can’t immediately envisage a project I’d use it in (quite a lemony-acidy yellow roses with grey foliage), but you never know!IMGP0042

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