Flying geese

The side pieces for the middle of block 2 are completed, which will help me decide which corner ones to choose… on balance I’m going for the pumpkin/oak leaf/sunflower one, but will look again tomorrow in daylight, which makes such a difference!


The side pieces are a design called ‘flying geese’ (I’ve no idea if there’s a singular, so one piece = a flying goose, but I’ve never seen that written down!).

You make one by taking a rectangle of fabric (here 4.5 x 2.5 inches), placing a square of fabric (2.5 x 2.5 inches) onto it, right sides facing, so that it lines up with the short edge of the rectangle, and sewing a diagonal line across the square (see pictures). Then you fold the square up along the diagonal line and iron into place, and trim the excess fabric off the back. Then repeat with another square of fabric on the opposite end of the rectangle.IMGP0021IMGP0022

The back after trimming off the excess fabric – always seems like a waste of material

IMGP0027The eagle-eyed will notice that after image 2, I realised I’d put the colours the wrong way round for the scheme I’d picked, so had to unpick the dark brown one and replace it with the green one!

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