Quilt diagram

Diagram of pattern I’m making, courtesy of Michael Miller Fabrics. I’ll be making it bigger, though, double quilt sized (or bigger?). Still have to decide on what to do with the back, definitely won’t be making another complicated patchwork for it, as the quilting stitches are too messy, nor one giant piece of fabric (even if you can get them that big, which I doubt) so perhaps just big squares of colours sewn together – perhaps time to use fabrics with bigger designs on. I also don’t know if you can get bits of wadding that size, or if you have to sew them together… something to research! Slightly wish I’d washed all the fabrics first, in case they shrink if I ever had to wash it. Maybe I should wash the ones I haven’t used yet, though Quilt diagram.jpgbit anxious in case they don’t like it, or the colours run. Argh!

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